police brutality

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Adalah files appeal against closure of PID probe into Israeli police brutality in Nazareth during the May 2021 events.
Multiple sworn affidavits from the past few weeks testify to rampant, systemic Israeli police attacks and brutal beatings of Palestinian citizens of Israel – protesters, minors, innocent...
Adalah obtains internal communications between Israeli Jewish extremists revealing organized, coordinated efforts to bring masses of armed individuals to cities with significant Palestinian...
During protest in Nazareth against visit of Israeli PM Netanyahu, Israeli police forces arrested 19 Palestinian citizens of Israel; officers hindered evacuation of two wounded who required urgent...
Israel's Police Investigations Division won't hold any officers responsible for killing of Ya'akub Abu-Al-Qi'an, continues to whitewash most serious police violence.
On 26 February 2013, the Tel Aviv Magistrates’ Court acquitted three Palestinian citizens of Israel on charges stemming from their participation in a demonstration against the Israeli offensive...