Compensation and access to courts

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Adalah's legal, international and media campaign to achieve accountability and justice for violations of international law by Israel in the Gaza Strip.
Israel’s investigations into its 2014 Operation Protective Edge fall far short of international standards, and Israeli courts are effectively closed to Gazans' civil tort claims.
Regulations openly specified that AG should look into possibility of facilitating the pursuit of legal cases only if it did not harm the state’s position in the case.
In one case, the court closed a file and ordered the Palestinian plaintiff, who was barred from coming to court by the military, to pay NIS 30,000 in court expenses.
Adalah Attorneys: The military order constitutes a serious violation of the Palestinians' right to own property and the right to a fair legal process; violates the principles of Israeli...
Israel has placed numerous barriers and obstacles in the way of Palestinian victims of the Israeli army who file tort lawsuits to receive legal remedy from the Israeli courts. These barriers to an...