Citizenship Law

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2003 Citizenship Law – one of one of the country's most discriminatory laws targeting Palestinian families – is a racist violation of the fundamental constitutional rights to equality and the...
The remarks made by Minister Shaked are contrary to and violates human rights
MK Touma-Suleiman: This could be preface to transfer of Naqab Arabs; policy aimed exclusively at Bedouin citizens – no Israeli Jews have been affected.
Alaa Zayoud will be left stateless, in contravention of international law; Adalah, ACRI to appeal 'dangerous precedent' to Supreme Court.
Moves to revoke citizenship currently proceeding solely against Arab Palestinian citizens of Israel suggest selective and discriminatory enforcement of the law.
Law affects tens of thousands of Palestinian families, creates a separate track of naturalization for spouses of Palestinian citizens of Israel from OPT and "enemy states."