Supreme Court rejects petition against raising electoral threshold

Adalah and ACRI: The decision completely disregards Arab citizens’ rights to political representation by a variety of political movements.

Supreme Court approves regulations banning Gazans from entering Israel for compensation cases against Israeli military

Regulations openly and absurdly specified that AG should look into possibility of facilitating the pursuit of legal cases only if it did not harm the state’s position in the case.

To be a Palestinian citizen in Israel

To be a Palestinian citizen of Israel is to live in a state that by definition does not treat you as an equal citizen. As non-Jews in the Jewish state, they are discriminated against and denied their fundamental rights based on their identity.

Adalah mourns passing of Maha Abu-Dayyeh, WCLAC co-founder & director
Maha's legacy of success and dedication as a leading activist and firm advocate for human rights will remain with us all.
MK Haneen Zoabi's petition against Knesset suspension is rejected
"Court's decision enables MKs from the majority to impose punishments on MKs from the minority because of their political views."
Health clinic must be established in Kahla and Makhool in the Naqab
Due to lack of clinics, village residents have to travel to town of Al Kseifeh, 9 kilometers away, to receive medical treatment.