Palestinian Prisoners' Day: End Torture and Ill-Treatment

Over 800,000 Palestinians have been detained or imprisoned by Israel since 1967; authorities continue targeting prisoners' rights, while use of torture and administrative detention increases.

Supreme Court upholds law prohibiting calls for boycott against Israel and settlements

The court cancelled a minor provision of the law, which allowed exceptional higher compensation without the need to prove damages, but left the rest of the law intact.

New data on 39th Land Day: Housing discrimination continues against Palestinian citizens

Only 4.6% of Israel's housing tenders are published in Arab towns and villages; settlements in the OPT receive four times more housing units than Arab communities in Israel; Israel continues to sell Palestinian refugee properties.

Supreme Court upholds use of Absentee Property Law in East Jerusalem
"Court’s decision validates racist and arbitrary law, gives green light for arbitrary codes on occupied land and population."
Palestinian political prisoners denied higher education
Court adopts GSS position: "Education funding is from 'terrorist organizations', to strengthen their positions in prisons."
Adalah submits report to UN Commission of Inquiry on Gaza
Israeli investigations into 2014 military operation fall short of international standards; courts effectively closed to Gazans.