Civil and Political Rights

Respect for civil and political rights is a fundamental requirement of a legitimate democratic state. However, despite Israel's ratification of international covenants on civil and political rights such as the ICCPR, Israel systemically obstructs or denies these rights to Arab citizens.

Adalah's litigation activities include ensuring citizens' right to peaceful protest, including boycotts; defending Arab MKs against political persecution; challenging laws which violate freedom of expression and outlaw commemoration of the Nakba; and demanding accountability and investigation when the state employs violence against its own citizens, as it did in October 2000 with the murder of 13 Arab protesters.

Adalah has also been leading the legal campaign against the Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law (Temporary Order) – 2003, which denies Palestinians living in the OPT who are married to Palestinian citizens of Israel the right to earn citizenship through family unification. This law is highly discriminatory, banning all Palestinians from family unification solely on the basis of national identity.

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HCJ 7052/03, Adalah, et al. v. Minister of Interior and the Attorney General.
HCJ 3286/01, The Committee of the Victim's Families (October 2000) v. The Minister of Internal Security, et al.
HCJ 4585/06, The Families, et al., v. Avi Dichter, et al.
HCJ 2072/12, The Coalition of Women for Peace, et al v. The Minister of Finance, et al.
Election Confirmation 11280/02, Central Elections Committee v. Ahmed Tibi Election Confirmation 50/03, Central Elections Committee v. Azmi Bishara Election Appeal 131/03, Balad - The National...
HCJ 1274/01, Ahmad Mohammad Jabareen, et. al. v. National Institute of Forensic Medicine, et. al.
Nazareth District Court, Criminal Case: 47188-12-11, State of Israel v. Sa'id Naffaa
HCJ 5913/98, Wakim Wakim, et al. v. Israel Police, et al.
HCJ 5734/99, Omar Imbaraki v. Yitzhak Edan, Mayor of Mazra'ah, et al.
HCJ 2247/02, MK Azmi Bishara, et al. v. Avner Erlich, et al.
Detention Appeal 4285/02, Basil Amara v. The State of Israel
HCJ 4514/02, The United Arab List, et al. v. The Knesset Committee, et al.
HCJ 3479/03, Hisham Nafa', et al. v. Israel Police and Moshe Waldman, Commander of the Amakim Region
HCJ 4110/03, Adalah and the National Committee of Arab Mayors v. the Minister of Interior
HCJ 4130/03, Association for the Defense of the Rights for the Internally Displaced Persons in Israel, et al. v. Haifa Police, et al.
HCJ 11225/03, MK Azmi Bishara, et al. v. The Attorney General, et al.