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Israel's treatment of prisoners and detainees consistently violates their rights to a fair trial, to legal counsel, and to human dignity throughout the detention process. These violations apply disproportionately to Arab citizens of Israel, and to Palestinians living under occupation in the OPT. Despite Israel's claims, its laws impose brutal and inhumane treatment on those incarcerated in its prisons. Many Palestinian detainees are held in Israel, unable to be visited by their families, and in violation of international law.

Adalah's litigation targets severe policies such as 'administrative detention' and the classification of 'security detainees'. Individuals thus classified can be prevented from meeting with legal counsel for long periods of time; can be convicted on secret evidence; can have their imprisonment extended indefinitely and arbitrarily; and often are not formally charged with any crime. Other Adalah litigation attempts to defend basic rights of detainees, such as to pursue an education and to family visits; and to ensure accountability by requesting audio and video recordings of all interrogations.

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