Video of Palestinian man’s killing at Israeli hospital is hard evidence of security guards quick to shoot

Shocking video clearly indicates appropriate open-fire procedures have not been engrained in Israeli security guards and police officers.

Adalah issued a statement after Israeli security guards shot and killed Mustafa Younes at Sheba Medical Center near Tel Aviv yesterday, 13 May 2020:


The shocking video we saw yesterday clearly indicates that appropriate open-fire procedures have not been ingrained in Israeli security guards and police officers. There was no justification for the use of live gunfire that resulted in the killing of Mustafa Younes outside Sheba Medical Center. We see this case as a direct result of Israel’s ongoing failure to conduct serious, effective, and independent criminal investigations into similar past cases of Israeli police killings of Arabs. No officers were ever held accountable for the October 2000 killings, nor for the 2017 murder of Ya'akub Abu al-Qi'an in Umm al-Hiran, nor in the countless extra-judicial executions of Palestinians in Jerusalem. Absolute immunity for Israeli police officers and systematic closures of Police Investigations Department investigations convey a message that results in very light trigger fingers amongst both police officers and private security guards when it comes to Arabs. Israeli authorities must immediately launch a criminal investigation into yesterday’s deadly incident.