Volume II of Adalah’s Review Published

Today Adalah published Volume II of its Legal Journal, Adalah's Review. Adalah's Review  is intended to open a critical stage for discussion of Israeli law, the legal system and legal discourse, specifically focusing on subjects that relate to the status of the Palestinian minority in Israel. It attempts to open a multi-disciplinary, multi-layered discussion about politics, law and identity, with most authors addressing the politics of Arab Palestinian identity in the Israeli legal area. The journal is published in Arabic, Hebrew and English. 

Volume II of Adalah's Review focuses on the issue of land, which is the main subject responsible for the existing tension between the state and the indigenous Palestinian community. It also includes a special discussion on the implications of the Supreme Court's March 2000 judgement in Qa'dan, which concerns the right of a Palestinian family to live in a Jewish settlement in Israel, and highlights Adalah's recent legal work in different fields.

Read  Adalah’s Review; Volume 2, Fall 2000-Land