Land and planning

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This paper discusses the renewal of land rights registration procedures in East Jerusalem which will lead to extensive expropriation of Palestinian land, contrary to international and Israeli law.
Tomorrow, 17 May 2022, the Jerusalem District Planning and Building Committee will hear objections against Israel’s East Jerusalem City Center Plan. On 14 September 2021, Adalah – The...
Approximately 80% of residential housing units allocated in the new neighborhood in Jisr Az-Zarqa, a poverty-stricken Arab town in the north of Israel, are not earmarked for local residents. This...
Data published by the Israeli Knesset Research and Information Center shows a significant under-representation of Arab workers and experts.
Adalah warns the Ministerial Committee on Legislation that the proposed bill will deepen racial discrimination against Palestinians in Israel and in the OPT and violate international law.
In view of the acceleration in the implementation of the 2018 Israeli government’s decision, Adalah and The Civic Coalition for Palestinian Rights in Jerusalem demand the immediate halt of the...
Adalah: Order blatantly serves illegitimate political interests of occupying power, seeks to expand and facilitate illegal settlement enterprise.
Expansion would add 640 acres to the Israeli Jewish town, a move that would come at the expense of surrounding Arab communities and limit their future growth.
Law would annex West Bank settlements of Beitar Illit, Ma'ale Adumim, Givat Ze'ev, Gush Etzion, Efrat to Jerusalem, and impose Israeli civilian rule on territory under military occupation.
Adalah & JLAC: Israeli government response to Supreme Court petition against Settlements Regularization Law views West Bank settlements as already annexed to Israel.
Interior Minister seeks to implement Israeli domestic law on occupied territory, which amounts to a de facto annexation of West Bank land to Israel, in gross violation of international law.
Hiran set for construction in place of Bedouin town of Umm al-Hiran; state had committed: 'Hiran is planned as general community into which any Israeli of any background or religion may integrate'.
Adalah, JLAC, Al Mezan: Freezing actions against settlement structures on private Palestinian lands allows continued violation of Palestinian property rights in West Bank.
Adalah demands Interior Ministry committee block Naqab (Negev) land rezoning that would pave the way for new Jewish towns while preventing future development of Bedouin towns.
Report: Attorney General approved legalization of houses built on private Palestinian land in apparent effort to avoid enactment of Settlement Regularization Law.
Special request to expand city's planning area might be approved before Interior Ministry has even finished investigating potential consequences to Arab villages.
Al Fura’a, home to 6,000 residents, was recognized by the state 11 years ago but the local outline plan for the village has yet to be completed.
Proposed amendment would give settlements equal legal status to that of communities in the Naqab, effectively annexing parts of the southern West Bank to Israel.
ILA is offering land tenders in at least seven West Bank settlements in 2016-2017; Adalah demands immediate halt to this illegal practice.
After years of racist housing policies, new Israeli law paves the way for wave of home demolitions in Palestinian Arab communities in Israel.