Adalah's Newsletter Volume 69, February 2010


Volume 69, February 2010
  National Priority Plan
  Adalah Position Paper
On the Israeli government’s new decision classifying communities as National Priority Areas


Mazuz and Arab Citizens of Israel
By Adalah Attorney Haneen Naamnih
  Land Rights
  Knesset enacts new amendment to the Land Ordinance of 1943 to block palestinian claims for land previously confiscated by the state
  Due Process Rights
  Supreme Court voids provision of criminal procedure law which permitted extension of detention hearings for security suspects to be held without their presence in court
  Dispossession and Eviction from Jerusalem – The cases and stories of Sheikh Jarrah
The Civic Coalition for Defending Palestinians' Rights in Jerusalem and Adalah
  Adalah demands cancellation of travel ban imposed by Israel on Khalil Tufakji, a prominent Palestinian planner and resident of Jerusalem
  Gaza and Accountability
  Israeli army closes military investigations into two human shields cases from the war on Gaza without informing the victims
Photographer: Aida Alibegovic
  NGO joint statement to UN Human Rights Council session in March 2010: Use all tools to ensure accountability for the victims of the War on Gaza
  End Israeli Torture Blog

Attack on Human Right Organizations

  Text of proposed bill before the Israeli Knesset that severely restricts foreign funding to human rights organizations  
  Position paper prepared by the Association for Civil Rights in Israel against the new bill imposing limits on foreign funding  

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