Adalah's Newsletter Volume 68, January 2010


Volume 68, January 2010
  Criminalization of Political Activity

Knesset Committee strips Arab MK Sa'id Naffaa of his parliamentary immunity; Attorney General to criminally indict him for political offenses surrounding his visit to Syria; Adalah will represent MK Naffaa

  Case Comment
Palestinian Political Prisoners:
Unfair Game for Israel’s Persecution
By Grietje Baars
Land and Planning

Israeli Supreme Court rules that lands confiscated in Lajoun from 486 Arab families in 1953 for "settlement needs" will not be returned to them

  Court orders planning authorities to prepare new master plan for Daliyat al-Carmel as old plan threatened hundreds of Arab homes with demolition
Unrecognized Villages - Naqab
Following Adalah's petition: Electricity Company starts to connect schools in the Arab Bedouin unrecognized villages in the Naqab to the national electricity network
Social and Economic Rights - Gaza

One year after Israel illegally froze disability payments to workers in Gaza, the AG responds to Adalah's Petition before the Israeli Supreme Court: We will reach a solution soon 

Freedom of Association
  Adalah to Interior Minister: Immediately cancel new policy of refusing work visas to employees of international NGOs operating in the West Bank and East Jerusalem
Racial Profiling

Adalah submits tort lawsuit for damages on behalf of Dr. Nadera Shalhoub-Kevorkian against the Israel Airports Authority for humiliating and degrading treatment


Accountability for Gaza

Adalah Briefing Paper: Israeli military probes and investigations fail to meet international standards or ensure accountability for victims of the War on Gaza
Letter sent to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by human rights organizations based in Israel calling for an independent and impartial investigation mechanism into violations of international law during Operation Cast Lead
Letters sent to President Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh by Palestinian human rights organizations calling for internal investigations into violations of international law by Palestinian armed groups and the Palestinian authorities during the attacks

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