Adalah's Newsletter Volume 60, May 2009


Volume 60, May 2009
Nakba Law
  The Legal Saga of Abu Nakba
Hassan Jabareen, Attorney
General Director of Adalah

Prisoners' Rights
Israel Prison Service bans entry of books into Israeli prisons: Adalah petitions the District Court in the name of Palestinian prisoners to cancel the ban
Land and Planning Rights
Israel Land Administration decision granting large discounts on land to reserve soldiers must be cancelled
Adalah demands the removal of police checkpoints at the entrance of Tarabeen al-Sana, an unrecognized Arab Bedouin village in the Naqab
Employment Rights
Adalah and Sawt el-Amel: The shift in the position of the Israel Railways Company toward its firing of Arab workers en masse is not genuine
International Humanitarian Law - Gaza
    Adalah to Military Advocate General and Defense Minister: Stop attacking Gaza's fishermen and damaging Palestinian natural resources
Interview with Mr. Mahfouz Kabariti, Coordinator of the Fishermen's Solidarity Campaign in the Gaza Strip
Conducted by Salah Mohsen, Adalah's Media Coordinator

AG to the Supreme Court: State will not investigate suspicions of war crimes committed by Israeli military in Gaza in 2004
Adalah to Defense Minister: Group of Palestinian Arab journalists from Israel must be permitted to enter Gaza to report first-hand on the situation
Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network report on the EU's response to the Israeli military offensive in Gaza [full report] [executive summary] 

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