Adalah's Newsletter Volume 58, March 2009


Volume 58, March 2009
33rd Land Day, 2009

Photograph of Land Day demonstration at  village of Deir Hanna

Adalah: Implementation of new regional master plan for Daliyat al-Carmel will result in the demolition of 600 homes belonging to Arab citizens  
Prisoners and Detainees’ Rights
Imposing additional restrictions on Palestinian prisoners and turning them into hostages is illegal and simply revenge for Israel's failure to secure the prisoner release deal with Hamas 
In an unprecedented step, human rights organizations withdraw Supreme Court petition challenging harsh law for Palestinian detainees charged with security offenses following illegal decision by justices to hear GSS secret evidence 
Citizenship Rights
If Supreme Court upholds the constitutionality of Citizenship Law banning family unification, the door would be opened for the Knesset to enact more racist laws against Palestinians 
Religious Rights
Supreme Court rejects Adalah's petition demanding the protection of Muslim holy sites in Israel, claiming that designating specific sites as Muslim is a "sensitive matter"
International Women's Day - Education Rights
Adalah to Education Ministry: Specific and practical steps must be taken to eliminate illiteracy among Arab Bedouin women in the Naqab
Social and Economic Rights 
Conditioning child support allowances on vaccinations and regular school attendance is irrational, illegal and violates the rights of Arab Bedouin in the Naqab
Adalah: Using military service criterion as a condition for employing railway guards is illegal and will result in Arab workers being fired

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