Adalah's Newsletter Volume 48, May 2008


Volume 48, May  2008
The Sixtieth Anniversary of the Nakba



The Citizenship Law
Supreme Court orders state to explain why the Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law banning family unification should not be struck down as unconstitutional
Socio-Economic Rights
Adalah petitions Supreme Court demanding inclusion of Arab village on the list of communities eligible for egg production and marketing quotas and subsidies

Prisoners' Rights

Adalah to State Attorney: Palestinian families from Gaza must be allowed to visit their prisoner relatives incarcerated in Israeli prisons
Adalah criticizes new bill absolving police from audio and video documentation of investigations of detainees suspected of committing security offenses
October 2000

Wide support from officials, lawyers and human rights activists from South Africa for the October 2000 victims’ families in their struggle for truth, justice and accountability
Reflection: South Africa-Its blackness is lily-white
Jamileh Asleh
UN Special Rapporteur Prof. Philip Alston on the role of commissions of inquiry in fostering impunity

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