Adalah's Newsletter Volume 41, October 2007


Volume 41, October 2007
  Human Rights Organizations Petition Supreme Court Demanding that Electricity and Fuel Supplies to Gaza not be Disrupted; Supreme Court Orders State to Respond to Petition within Five Days
  Adalah Petitions Haifa District Court on Behalf of 24 People from Arab Village of Daliyat al-Carmel Seeking Cancellation of New Master Plan that Threatens to Join their Land to a National Park
    Ha’ir Newspaper Network Selects Hassan Jabareen, the Founder of Adalah and its General/Legal Director, as One of the Fifty Most Influential People in Israel in the Field of Education
  “Security–A Collective Right for a National Minority”: A Conference held by the Ataa Center, Adalah and the Galilee Society
* The conference program
* Photographs from the conference
* Summary of the Ataa report
Economic and Social Rights
Supreme Court (S.Ct.) Rejects Request for a Second Hearing on Decision that State Loans for Mortgages for Former Soldiers Do not Discriminate against Arab Citizens
Adalah to S.Ct: Amendment to National Insurance Law Discriminates against Recipients of Income Support Payments and Does not Alter the Law’s Constitutional Flaws
Land Rights
Following Adalah’s Objection, JNF Commits to Removing Privately-Owned Land from Master Plan to Confiscate Arab Farmland for the Creation of a “Kiryat Ata Forest”
1967 Occupied Palestinian Territory
Adalah Demands that Military Advocate General Publish Clear Directives on Supreme Court’s Ruling Banning Israeli Army’s Use of Palestinians as Human Shields

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Annapolis Summit
"Sponsor Wanted! Human Rights at the Annapolis Summit" by Stefan August Lutgenau
Education in Gaza
"Israel and the Destruction of the Future of the Palestinians" by Samir Zaqut
United Nations
Statement by Prof. John Dugard, Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the OPT, 24 Oct. 2007
Democratic Constitution
Journal of Palestine Studies: The Status and Future of Israel’s Palestinian Minority
British Council Chevening Scholarships 2008
International Advocacy
Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network (EMHRN): Note on the Human Rights Situation in Israel and the OPT
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