Adalah's Newsletter Volume 35, April 2007


Volume 35, April 2007
Human Rights Organizations to Supreme Court: Open Criminal Investigations into War Crimes Committed in Rafah and Jabaliya
Supreme Court Decision: Aerial Spraying of Toxic Chemicals on Crops Cultivated by of Arab Bedouin Farmers in the Unrecognized Villages is Illegal
Supreme Court Halts Implementation of District Court Decision Obliging Haifa University to Cancel Use of Military Service Criterion in Allocation of Student Dorms
Following Adalah’s Intervention, ILA Cancels Discriminatory Criteria for Leasing Farm Land by Arab Bedouin in the Naqab
Adalah to Supreme Court: Reject State’s Request to Delay Implementation of Court’s Ruling in ‘National Priority Areas’ Case
Prisoners' Day
The Foreign Agent, the Punishment and the Prison
Adalah’s Media Coordinator Amal Ziadah interviews former political prisoner Areej Shahbari
Objects or Subjects? Theoretical Comments on the
De-Politicization of the Issue
Dr. Anat Matar, Senior Lecturer, Department of Philosophy,
Tel Aviv University
Palestinian Political Prisoners: The Numbers
Prepared by Adalah
10 Years of Adalah
10 Years of Adalah: Interns and Fellows
on their Experiences at Adalah
Upcoming Conference
Palestinians and Jews in Israel: On the Threshold of Confrontation or Reconciliation?
16 May 2007, University of Haifa
International Advocacy
The EU and Israel Should Implement their Human Rights Commitments within the Framework of the EU-Israel Action Plan
The Democratic Constitution
Adalah's Constitutional Proposal for the State of Israel Based on the Concept of a Democratic, Bilingual and Multicultural State

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