Adalah's Newsletter Volume 32, January 2007


Volume 32, January 2007
Adalah Rejects S.Ct. Proposal to Turn "Big Mosque" into Museum as it Contradicts Islamic Principles and Harms Arab Citizens' Rights
Education Ministry Commits to Open First High School in Unrecognized Arab Bedouin Villages in the Naqab in 2009
Adalah Demands Cancellation of the Government’s Negev 2015 Plan as it Ingrains Policy of Segregation and Discrimination against Arab Citizens
Adalah Petitions S.Ct. against Chief Military Prosecutor’s Decision not to Indict Israeli Soldiers who Killed Mr. Meteb al-Nebari
Adalah Petitions S.Ct. Demanding Cancellation of Extension of Nationality and Entry into Israel Law as it Violates Constitutional Rights
Adalah's Position on the Proposed Amendment to the Nationality and Entry to Israel Law (Interim Order) (Amendment No. 2) - 2006
Haifa University Panel: Ten Years of Adalah, Part II
A Decade of Adalah: On the Recognition of “National Identities” and “Civil Equality” in Law
Hassan Jabareen, Attorney and the Founder and General Director of Adalah
The Conflict Cannot Be Ignored
Prof. Ruth Gavison, Haim Cohn Chair of Human Rights, Faculty of Law, The Hebrew University
Click here to read the talks of Dr. Ilan Saban and Prof. Ramzi Suleiman in Part I of the panel
Attorney Marwan Dalal, “Bridging Between Law, Life and Assassinations.”

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Opening Remarks
We open this month with a short briefing on our legal activities in 2006. The Supreme Court (S.Ct.) issued three landmark decisions on our petitions. In 12/06, it cancelled a racist law denying the rights of Palestinians harmed by the Israeli military in the OPTs to receive compensation from Israel. In 2/06, eight years after the petition was filed, the S.Ct. annulled a governmental decision establishing “National Priority Areas,” finding that it discriminates against Arab citizens on the basis of national belonging. Also in 2/06, five years after the indictment of MK Dr. Azmi Bishara for his political speeches, the S.Ct. decided that parliamentary immunity applies to those speeches. The S.Ct. also delivered flawed decisions in two of our major cases. In 5/06, it upheld the racist Citizenship Law banning the unification of Palestinian families in Israel. In 2007, we will continue to be engaged in the Citizenship Law, and in the revocation of the residency status of Palestinian parliament members from Jerusalem. In 12/06, the S.Ct. also decided that enormous state financial support to former soldiers for home mortgages does not discriminate against Arab citizens. We are also continuing with this legal struggle, and within days we will ask for a second hearing in the case. In 10/06, we published “The Accused” report, which proved the Police Investigation Unit’s (“Mahash”) dangerous failures in investigating the October 2000 killings. In 1/06, we also published the inaugural volume of “Makan: Adalah’s Journal for Land, Planning and Justice”.
Gaza Strip
OCHA Situation Report on Gaza - 30 January 2007

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