Adalah's Newsletter Volume 25, Special Edition, May 2006


Special Edition, Volume 25, May 2006
Adalah's Initial Comments on Supreme Court’s Ruling on the Nationality and Entry into Israel Law
6-5 Majority of Supreme Court Approves Most Racist Law in State of Israel, Preventing Families' Unification on Basis of National Belonging: Arab-Palestinian
Informational Briefing for Foreign Embassies in Israel on Supreme Court Ruling Upholding Ban on Family Unification Law
International Condemnation of the
Nationality and Entry into Israel Law
Summary of Supreme Court’s Decision on the Nationality and Entry into Israel Law
H.C. 7052/03, Adalah et. al. v. Interior Minister et. al.
Education Rights
Supreme Court Decides Preschool Children in Unrecognized Bedouin Village Can Study without School Buildings or Transportation
Supreme Court Petition: Severe Shortage of Educational Psychologists in Unrecognized Bedouin Villages in the Naqab
Social Rights
Supreme Court Dismisses Sakhnin Residents' Petition against Transferal of Employment Office Serving Thousands of Arab Citizens to Industrial Area in Misgav
Criminal Justice
Supreme Court Orders Israel Prison Service to Reconsider Directives Concerning Children’s Visits with their Incarcerated Parents

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Opening Remarks
This month, the Supreme Court delivered the most racist decision in its history. The decision approved a law which prevents spouses from living together as a family in the State of Israel if one of them is a Palestinian from the Occupied Territories. The right to family life is a natural right which supersedes any other legal right. This right existed prior to the enactment of Israel’s Basic Laws, prior to the founding of the Knesset and prior to the establishment of the Jewish State. Indeed, it existed before the development of politics. There is no moral basis for a piece of legislation which seeks to violate a natural right which has existed since the beginning of history. This racist law continues to encumber, threaten and obstruct the ability of thousands of Arab families to exercise their right to lead their lives like the rest of humanity. These families, along with the entire Arab minority in Israel and international and local human rights organizations, will continue their struggle against this racist law until its annulment.
New Map
Map of the Unrecognized Arab Bedouin Villages in the Naqab
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