Adalah's Newsletter Volume 16, August 2005


Volume 16, August 2005
Adalah, High Follow-Up Committee for Arab Citizens and Victims' Families to Justice Ministry: Mahash’s Failure to Investigate October 2000 Killings is Dangerous, Illegal and Shows Contempt for Victims and their Families
Adalah to Prime Minister, Attorney General (AG): Refusal to Recognize Shafa'amr Victims as Victims of a Hostile Act is Humiliating and Discriminatory
UN CEDAW Committee Issues its Concluding Observations Emphasizing 14 Areas of Concern Regarding Israel’s Violations of Rights of Palestinian Women
Articles: The Impact of the “Gaza Disengagement Plan” on Human Rights
The Gaza Disengagement and the Prospect of Further Human Rights Violations
Dr. Ilan Pappe, Senior Lecturer, Haifa University
International Humanitarian Law Concerns – The Wall and the Disengagement Plan
Attorney Netta Amar, Int'l Humanitarian Law Program, Diakonia
Education Rights
Adalah in Petition to Tel Aviv District Court: Led Municipality and Education Ministry’s Refusal to Register a Child at a School in Led Because he is Arab is Illegal
Adalah to Supreme Court (SCt): AG Agreement to Pave Road to Elementary School in Unrecognized Village of al-Fur’a: AG’s Response is Inadequate; State Must Link Road to School with Main Road
Social Rights
Following Adalah’s Petition: Regional Labor Court Obliges National Insurance Institute to Restore all Social Rights to Arab Woman who Married Gaza Resident

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Opening Remarks
Following the killings of four Palestinian citizens of Israel on 4 August in Shafa’amr by a Jewish terrorist, the Arab leadership in Israel argued that law enforcement authorities must not be absolved of responsibility. Some Hebrew media outlets criticized this position, claiming that it ignores the Prime Minister and the Cabinet’s prompt condemnation of the killings. Apparently, these objectors failed to notice that Arab citizens’ collective memory is not constituted solely by the past but also by the present. The present shows the authorities' failure to enforce the law in cases of racism against Arab citizens, and to investigate the killings of October 2000 in particular. For, although five years have passed since the killing of the 13 men, no indictments have been filed against those responsible. In September 2004, Justice Or sharply criticized the Ministry of Justice’s Police Investigation Unit (Mahash) for its failure to investigate the killings or gather any evidence immediately after the events or while the Or Commission was conducting its proceedings. Adalah recently wrote to Mahash requesting an update for the families on the status of the investigation. The request was refused. Mahash is due to release its report shortly. When the report is released, the logic behind the Arab leadership’s position on the Shafa’amr killings will become clear to all.
“Slicing off Gaza is Just a Diplomatic Nose Job” Sharif Hamadeh, Adalah

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