Adalah's Newsletter Volume 13, May 2005


Volume 13, May 2005
As a Result of Adalah and Sawt el-Amel’s Supreme Court Petition, Decision to Close Unemployment Office Serving Over 71,000 Arab Citizens of Israel is Cancelled
UN Grants Adalah Consultative Status, Allowing Adalah to Gain Accreditation to Participate in UN Conferences and Sessions
The Welfare Association Awards Prizes to Three Palestinian NGOs, including Adalah, for Excellence in Achievement
Feature – Representing Political Prisoners
Keynote Address of Attorney Felicia Langer, “The Experience of the Past Through the Mirror of the Present: Israel and the Human Rights of the Palestinians,” Delivered at Adalah Study Day on 13.5.05
Articles on Power Sharing and Minority Rights
Ethnic Conflicts and Power Sharing
By Yash Ghai, Prof. of Public Law, University of Hong Kong
Minority Veto Rights in Power Sharing Systems: Lessons from Macedonia, Northern Ireland and Belgium
By Shane Kelleher, Solicitor and Adalah Law Fellow
Land, Planning and Justice
Motion for Contempt to Supreme Court: Planning Authorities Failed to Submit Plan for Unrecognized Neighborhood of Al-Jelasi, in Violation of Court Order
Criminal Justice
Appeal to Cancel Decision to Close File against Border Police Officers who Killed Moursi Jabali
Adalah to Israel Prisons Service: Provide Educational Instruction to Illiterate Palestinian Prisoners in Arabic
International Human Rights Organizations Urge MKs to Reject Proposed Extension and Amendments to the Law Banning Family Unification

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Opening Remarks
Today, 31 May 2005, the government introduced a bill before the Knesset to amend the civil tort law to exempt Israel from compensation claims for damages caused by Israeli soldiers to Palestinians in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPTs). This bill - unique in the world - conveys a clear message: Palestinian life is worthless and it is legitimate to steal financial compensation from the occupied population. Yesterday, the Knesset also extended the law banning family unification between Israeli citizens and their Palestinian spouses from the OPTs. A similar law was challenged in 1980 before a South African court, which, despite an apartheid prohibit- ion, allowed a black woman to live with her husband who worked and resided in a white area, recognizing the right to family life. The Israeli legislat- ion indicates a new trend: in the past, in general, Israel was content to grant privileges only to Jews; today, it seeks to deprive Arabs of fundamental liberties due to their national belonging. This trend expresses a transformation from discrimination to racist oppression in the "Jewish and demographic" state.
Sharif Hamadeh, Adalah: On the Boycott of Israeli Universities
Sherene Seikaly, NYU: The Nakba's Centrality in Defin- ing the Palestinian Experience
Attorney Hassan Jabareen, Adalah: On the Citizenship Law Debate
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