Adalah's Newsletter Volume 8, December 2004


Volume 8, December 2004
Tel Aviv District Court Issues Temporary Injunction Prohibiting Education Ministry from Closing Arab Democratic School in Jaffa
Adalah Submits Petition to Supreme Court against Knesset's Decision to Punish MK Issam Makhoul for Political Statements
Haifa District Court Dismisses Arab Students’ Committee Motion to Place Christmas Tree in Main Building of Haifa University: Adalah will Appeal to Supreme Court
Language Rights
Supreme Court Confirms Agreement between Adalah and Haifa Municipality: Municipality to Publish All Public Announcements in the Arabic Press
Adalah Conference - Planning, Control & the Law in the Naqab, 6.12.2004
Land Settlement in the Negev in International Law Perspective
Dr. Alexandre (Sandy) Kedar, Haifa University
Spacial Inequality in the Allocation of Municipal Resources
Nili Baruch, Bimkom: Planners for Planning Rights
Women, Education and the Policy of Control
Sarab Abu Rabia-Queder, Ben-Gurion University
Education as a Tool of Expulsion from the Unrecognized Villages
Prof. Ismael Abu-Saad, Ben-Gurion University
Supreme Court: No Need to Decide on Constitutionality of Law Banning Family Unification Now
Adalah: This Decision Violates the Constitutional Right of Access to the Courts
Land, Planning and Justice
Jewish National Fund to Supreme Court: We are not Committed to the Equality Principle; We Act for the Benefit of the Jewish People Only
Adalah Survey of Arab Citizens’ Attitudes on Infrastructure and Urban Services, Government Policy toward the Arab Minority, and their Degree of Trust in Official Institutions
Criminal Justice
Adalah to Internal Security Minister: Cancel Regulation that Discriminates between Detainees Defined as Security and Criminal Detainees in Confinement Conditions

  Ad published in Ha’aretz on 12 December 2004, signed by Arab artists and authors, entitled, “Stop the Persecution of Islamic Movement Leaders Now.” If you wish to join this call, please send your name and contact details to:  
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Opening Remarks
Public law litigation often succeeds in creating independent dynamics beyond the specific legal dispute, as the Jewish National Fund’s response to the Supreme Court illustrates. The JNF stated that, despite its control over 13% of the total land in Israel, it is not committed to the welfare of the general public, but only to that of the Jewish people. Accordingly, space can be divided based on ethnicity by establishing towns and settlements for Jews only. This creates local and international legal scenarios: could such a body continue to be a decision-maker in governmental bodies, which are legally committed to the general welfare? In July 2004, the UN Department of Public Information awarded the JNF NGO associative status. The JNF’s response, however, violates the principles of the UN Charter, which emphasizes respect for human rights and equality. The JNF also enjoys tax-exempt status in the US as a charity. According to US law, such organizations must respect the principle of anti-discrimination. Is the JNF still eligible for this exemption?
New Reports
HRA Report on the Holy Sites in Israel: Sanctity Denied
Israel and the Palestinian Minority 2003: Mada’s Second Annual Political Monitoring Report
Euro-Med HR Network: HR Review on the EU and Israel
IDI’s response to Prof. Rouhana’s article

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