Adalah's Newsletter Volume 5, September 2004


Volume 5, September 2004
Petition Demanding End to GSS Intervention in Appointments of Arab Educators – Supreme Court Orders Attorney General to Respond within 30 Days
The petition describes this intervention, including its historical aspects, relying on academic educational and social science research and criticisms of the General Security Service’s practices made by three former education ministers.
(Photo: Ahlam Shibli)
Case Review: Unrecognized Education System
Dori Spivak, Faculty of Law, Tel Aviv University
The Limitations on the Right to Education before the Supreme Court
Gadeer Nicola, Advocate, Adalah

Education and Social Rights
Supreme Court Issues Injunction Preventing Closure of Employment Office, Which Serves More than 4,000 Unemployed Individuals from Nine Arab Villages
Supreme Court Rejects Petition Demanding Establishment of Preschools for 300 Arab Bedouin Children in Two Unrecognized Villages in the Naqab
District Court Orders Beer el-Sabe Municipality to Pay Fees of Over 100 Arab Students Who Must Study Outside the City Due to Lack of Appropriate Educational Facilities
Adalah to Education Ministry: Refusal to Recognize New School Established by Parents of 150 Arab Students is Illegal
Land, Planning and Justice
As a Result of Adalah’s Objection Filed on Behalf of 100 Arab Farmers: Plan to Declare 13,184 Dunams of Land in el-Malak Valley a Nature Reserve and National Park was Cancelled
Appeal Against Town of Kamoun and Planning Authorities for Refusing to Issue Building Permit to Arab Family Living on their Privately-Owned Land in Caravan, Which is Surrounded by Villas of Jewish Families
International Humanitarian Law
Supreme Court Criticizes “Prior Warning Order” Allowing Army to Use Palestinian Civilians During Military Operations
Criminal Justice
Supreme Court: Prison Service’s Decision to Confiscate Salt from Hunger-Striking Prisoners was Reasonable
Supreme Court Rules - for the First Time - that Hunger-Striking Prisoners must be Allowed Access to their Lawyers

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Opening Remarks
The start of the new school year once again compels us to reflect upon institutional discrimination against the Arab minority in Israel in the field of education. The 492 towns designated as National Priority “A” in the field of education, and thus entitled to lucrative financial benefits, include only four Arab villages. On average, the government allocates NIS 852 per Arab student annually; Jewish students receive NIS 3,501. The dropout rate among Arab students is 30%. In 2003, 36.3% of Arab compared with 57% of Jewish students obtained a matriculation certificate. Only 8% of Israeli university students are Arabs, who receive only 6% of first degrees awarded.
These statistics result from historical discrimination and violations of the right to education, which reduce Arab students’ choices and prevent them from realizing their full potential.
The language of equality cannot adequately address these injustices; rather, the state must immediately initiate affirmative action policies.

Upcoming Conference - October 2000: A Memory for Protest, Sat. 2 Oct. 2004, Nazareth. Translation is available.
Galilee Society: Rikaz - Databank on Palestinian Minority
Call for Papers
Adalah’s Review, Vol.5 - Criminal Justice System
NYU Law School, L.L.M in Public Service Law
Princeton Univ. Law and Public Affairs Program
UN Fellowship Programme for Minorities
British Chevening Scholarships

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