October 2000: Law and Politics before the Or Commission of Inquiry

Issued October 2003.

This report presents the key issues raised in the concluding arguments Adalah submitted to the official Commission of Inquiry into the October 2000 protest demonstrations on 5 December 2002:

It gives the main reasons for the October 2000 protest demonstrations in Israel, which resulted in the killing of 13 unarmed Palestinian citizens of the state and the injury of hundreds of others by the police. The report examines establishment of the Commission, its mandate, its proceedings, and warnings it issued.

Adalah's concluding arguments detail executive officials' acts and omissions of executive branch officials, leading up to and during the demonstrations of October 2000, and state authority attempts made to cover up the failures. It also describes numerous instances of police violence against Palestinian citizens of Israel, both before and during October 2000, and refers to the central negative role of the General Security Services (GSS) in setting state policy toward the
Arab community.