Archive Collection on October 2000 Killings

In October 2000, Israeli security forces deployed live ammunition and rubber-coated bullets against Palestinian Arab citizens at demonstrations, killing 13 people. Despite the Or Commission of Inquiry finding that there was no legal justification for using deadly force, not a single member of the security forces has been indicted for the killings.

Related Adalah Reports:


The Accused (2006)

Report regarding criminal and public responsibility for the killing of Arab citizens in October 2000

Available in Arabic, Hebrew, and English (summary)




The Accused: Part II (2011)

Failures and Omissions by the Attorney General in Investigating the October 2000 Events

Available in Hebrew, English (summary)





October 2000 - Law and Politics before the Or Commission (2003)

Available in English and Hebrew





23 April 2008: South African Officials, Lawyers and Human Rights Activists Offer Strong Support to October 2000 Families
7 February 2008: High Follow-Up Committee launches the 250,000 signatures campaign
29 January 2007: AG Mazuz closes the October 2000 cases; Adalah to Seek the Establishment of an Independent, Impartial Investigatory Committee
28 January 2008: High Follow-Up Committee Demands the Establishment of an Impartial Investigatory Committee with the Participation of International Experts
27 January 2008: Yossi Geiron and Shlomo Cohen, Presidents of the Israeli Bar Association, condemn AG's decision
26 February 2007: Adalah to Attorney General Mazuz: Dismiss State Prosecutor Shendar for his Consistent Failures as Head of Mahash
25 October 2006: In Landmark Decision, Supreme Court Orders Public Security Minister to Cancel Promotion of Senior Police Commander Benzi Sau as it Contradicts Recommendations of the Official Or Commission of Inquiry
15 October 2006: Adalah Submits “The Accused” Report and Demands Investigation into “Mahash” for Breach of Trust and Damaging Public Confidence
13 June 2006: Adalah to Supreme Court: Cancel Promotion of Benzi Sau to Senior Position in Ministry of Public Security
25 April 2006: UN Special Rapporteur Prof. Philip Alston Questions Israel’s Conduct in October 2000 Investigations
3 October 2005: Adalah to AG Mazuz: Decision Regarding the Review of Mahash’s Report by State Attorney’s Office Violates the Basic Rights of the Victims’ Families and the Rule of Law

Legal Documents:

Attorney General’s decision to close all investigations: English, Hebrew (summary)

Media Links:

26 February 2008, “Still No Justice for October 2000 Killings” Jonathan Cook, The Electronic Intifada"
18 October 2008, "Mahash is not Convincing," Ha'aretz Editorial
6 February 2008: "October 2000 Killings and the Attorney General’s Decision," Al Jazeera TV 


Mahash Report:

18 September 2005: Mahash Report (Hebrew)

22 September 2005: Adalah's Initial Analysis of the Mahash Report

18 September 2005: The Committee of the Victims' Families Response to the Mahash Recommendations

14 October 2005, Commentary by Dr. Marwan Dwairy, Chairperson of the Board of Directors, "October 2000: Defined Goals and New Mechanisms"

Or Commission Report:

Or Commission Report. Available in Hebrew and English (summary)


The 13 Palestinian Victims Killed by Israeli Police Forces in October 2000

The Truth about the Bodies of the Victims of October 200020 September 2005

October 2000 - Briefing on Criminal Responsibility 18 September 2005