Latest developments regarding detained demonstrators in the Naqab

Anti-Prawer Detainees: 9 of 13 detainees in Beer Sheva released, appeal filed to release the remaining 4

Today, 17 July 2013, the legal defense team representing the 13 detained demonstrators arrested during protests in Beer el-Sabe (Beer Sheva) against the Prawer-Begin Plan on 15 July 2013 appealed to the Beer Sheva District Court demanding the immediate release of the seven protestors. Six protestors were released yesterday on condition that they pay high bail and spend a week under house arrest.

The defense lawyers reported that the atmosphere in yesterday’s court hearing, during which the judge decided to extend the detention of seven the demonstrators, was highly charged. Police and special forces officers separated the families from the lawyers. The defense lawyers refused to continue the hearing in the presence of all of the special forces officers, and threatened to abandon the hearing, arguing that their presence had created a hostile and tense atmosphere that put the judge and the parties under pressure, and could also obstruct the further legal proceedings as some of them may subsequently be called as witnesses.

The detained protestors were represented by Attorneys Shideh Bin Barri, Saber Abu Jami’, Taher Makawi, and Adalah Attorney Aram Mahameed. Attorney Mahameed stated that, “The morale among the detainees is high, despite the clear signs of police violence on their bodies.”

Detainees from the 15 July demonstrations released from Beer el-Sabe District Court, 17 July 2013