Right to protest

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Adalah: This bill resembles the laws of history's criminal regimes, and seeks not only to humiliate human rights groups but also to incite against them.
Adalah: The police's contention that publishing the instructions could harm state security and threaten public order is baseless.
Adalah: "The aim of the continued detention of Mr. Khateeb is to intimidate and deeply frighten Palestinian society from using social media to express support for their own people."
Repressive police acts include arbitrary arrests of minors; 'preventive arrests' of activists; arrests of activists' family members; and severe physical violence against protestors.
Adalah: "The law substantially strengthens and widens the powers of the police and the Shabak to suppress any legitimate protest activities against Israeli policies."
Adalah: "The real goal behind the indictments is to criminalize and burden the Arab Bedouin villagers as punishment for their attempts to save their homes."
On 15 September 2014, Adalah sent a detailed letter to the Attorney General (AG) Yehuda Weinstein demanding the opening of investigations into the practices of Israeli police against Palestinian...
Adalah, Mossawa and Arab HRA informed diplomats of human rights violations occurring against Palestinian citizens in Israel in the backdrop of Israel’s military offensive in the Gaza Strip.
High Follow-Up Committee requests immediate and effective legal action against wave of violence, incitement, discrimination and racism targeted against the Palestinian Arab minority in Israel.
Adalah: Police violently assaulted and suppressed demonstration without justification; restrictive conditions placed on detainees intended to deter them from participating in political activities...
Adalah: High number of arrests marks the largest wave of imprisonment of Palestinian demonstrators in Israel since October 2000 events. Four appeals filed in Nazareth and Beer el-Sabe courts.
Adalah and partner lawyers represent protestors throughout the country
Attorney Mahameed: \"Those who \'trespassed\' on privately owned land, and tried to confiscate private property without a court order or any legal authority, are the inspectors of the Israel Land...
The Haifa District Court decided to cancel Haifa University's decision to expel Palestinian Arab students Tarek Yassin and Ahmad Masalha for organizing political activity on campus on the...
Attorney Jabareen: “The main objective behind the four charges was to achieve a sentence of imprisonment for the MK, but the prosecution failed to do so.”
Adalah: The indictments had no legal basis or evidence to back up police claims. The police are targeting leaders of the Bedouin citizens\\\' struggle in order to intimidate the people in the...
On Saturday, 30 November 2013, thousands of demonstrators took to the streets in Haifa, Hura and Jerusalem to protest against the Prawer Plan. Police officers were deployed in huge numbers at the...
In an urgent letter sent on Thursday, 26 November 2013 to the Chief of the Israeli Police, Yohanan Danino, and Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein, Adalah and the Association for Civil Rights in...
On 2 August 2013, the Haifa District Court ordered the release of 10 demonstrators who were arrested during anti-Prawer Plan protests held on 1 August at the entrance to the Arab village of...
On 28 July 2013, the Nazareth Magistrates’ Court extended the detention of two Arab demonstrators, Majd Dahamashe and Muhammad Taha, until Wednesday, 31 July. The court also decided to release on...