Invitation to the foreign press: Israeli elections, Arab parliamentarians, and the Arab vote in the shadow of the Jewish Nation-State Law

Adalah – The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel invites you to participate in an English-language briefing for foreign journalists on the legal and socio-political dimensions of Arab political participation and the Arab vote in Israel's Knesset elections on 9 April.

WHO: Adalah General Director Attorney Hassan Jabareen, Knesset Member Aida Touma-Sliman, and Knesset candidate Heba Yazbak

WHAT: English-language briefing on Palestinian Arabs and the Israeli elections

WHEN: Thursday, 7 March, 10:00 – 11:15

WHERE: Legacy Hotel conference room, 29 Nablus Street, Jerusalem



Space is limited so please confirm your attendance ASAP.


There are four main Arab-led parties running in two separate political lists in the 2019 Israeli elections. For the past two decades, Adalah has represented Arab Knesset members and Arab political parties against attempts to disqualify them both by the Israeli attorney general and right-wing parties. This week we are seeing a series of legal actions aimed at disqualifying Arab parties and individual candidates from running in the upcoming elections.


The 2019 elections are significantly different from previous elections, as they are taking place in the shadow of Israel's new Jewish Nation-State Law. The law is a game-changer designed to enshrine one legal regime of Jewish supremacy on both sides of the Green Line. For many Palestinians, the elections are a competition to decide who will spearhead this continued oppression, inside Israel and in the OPT alike.


Adalah General Director Attorney Hassan Jabareen has represented all of the Arab parties and candidates in elections-related cases throughout the years. He is also the Arab leadership's lead attorney in the legal battle against the Jewish Nation-State Law. At the briefing, he will explain the legal processes which will take place throughout the month leading up to election, the implications of the attempted disqualifications, and the impact of the Jewish Nation-State Law.


Aida Touma-Sliman was a member of the Knesset with the Joint List from 2015 to 2019, and served as chair of the Knesset's Committee on the Status of Women and Gender Equality. She was the general director of Women Against Violence from 1994 to 2015, and served as editor-in-chief of Al-Ittihad newspaper. She is the third candidate on the Hadash/Ta'al (Al-Jabha/Al-Arabiyyeh Ll-Taghir) list, running for the 21st Knesset.


Heba Yazbak served as a member of the Political Bureau of the National Democratic Assembly (Balad/Tajammu'). She was previously the director of the Working Group for Equality in Personal Status Issues. She holds a doctorate in social sciences and anthropology from Tel Aviv University. She is the fourth candidate on the Balad/Ra'am (Al-Tajammu'/Al-Arabiyyeh Al-Mowahada) list, running for the 21st Knesset.


Adalah is representing both of the candidates' respective party lists – Hadash/Ta'al (Al-Jabha/Al-Arabiyyeh Ll-Taghir) and Balad/Ra'am (Al-Tajammu'/Al-Arabiyyeh Al-Mowahada) – against motions to disqualify them from running for the Knesset in April 2019.


There will be plenty of time reserved for Q&A, one-on-one interviews, and background chats.


Space is limited so please confirm your attendance ASAP.


To RSVP and for additional details, please contact: Mati Milstein, Adalah Media Director,, +972.58.778.1437