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Adalah demands Israel provide voting stations in unrecognized Naqab Bedouin villages; thousands of people with no access to public transportation forced to travel up to 50 kilometers to vote.
Low turnout was due in large part to a general sense that Arab MKs lack the power to withstand the discriminatory laws in the Knesset
Yesterday evening, 15 January 2013, the Supreme Court of Israel in a unanimous judgment by an expanded panel of five justices ruled to overturn a decision made by the Chair of the Central Elections...
(Jerusalem) Tomorrow, Thursday 27 December 2012, at 9 am the Israeli Supreme Court will hold a hearing on whether or not to uphold the Central Election Committee (CEC)'s decision to disqualify...
On 31 December 2002, the Israeli Central Elections Committee, comprised of 41 representatives of political parties in the outgoing Knesset, voted to disqualify the National Democratic Assembly, a...