Adalah demands free, fair, and equal Israeli elections that meet international standards

Delegitimization and racist incitement against elected representatives of Palestinian Arab public in last April election was not exclusive domain of any one particular Israeli political camp.

Following last night's decision to dissolve the Israeli Knesset and call for another round of national parliamentary elections, Adalah – The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel issued a statement this morning, 30 May 2019, condemning the institutional racism against Palestinian Arab citizens of Israel revealed during last April's election and calling for a free, equal, and fair vote for all citizens on 17 September 2019:


The delegitimization and racist incitement against the elected representatives of the Palestinian Arab public in Israel is not the exclusive domain of any one particular Israeli political camp. Efforts to disqualify Arab parties and candidates, no accessible polling booths for thousands of Arab Bedouin citizens, and the placement of hidden cameras at polling stations in Arab communities during the April elections all revealed clear attempts to harm the political representation of Palestinian citizens of Israel. These acts reflect fundamental, institutional racism that runs contrary to all democratic values. The Israeli Central Elections Committee, a political body that serves the current government, fails to ensure that elections are free, equal, and fair for all citizens. We call on Israeli authorities to respect international election standards."


(Photo by Rami Haider/Adalah)


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