Adalah on call for election day hotline aimed to confront voting violations in Arab communities

Following wave of attempts to violate Arab citizens's voting rights, Zazim – Community Action volunteers will operate Arabic-language telephone hotline with Adalah providing legal counsel.

In order to contend in real time with the rising wave of attempts to violate the voting rights of Arab citizens of Israel, the Zazim - Community Action organization will operate a “hotline” call center in Arabic on election day, 17 September 2019. Adalah – The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel will be available for legal counseling, and will be prepared to take any necessary legal action.


Following the Likud party's systematic planting of surveillance cameras at polling stations in Arab communities in the April 2019 elections, reports of intentions to physically search female Arab voters, and in light of the growing incitement against Arab citizens, it is feared that attempts will be made to disrupt the voting process in Arab communities.


Throughout election day, Arabic-speaking volunteers will be on hand via telephone (*6708) to respond to reported disruptions to the voting process in or around polling stations.


The volunteers will channel information received to a situation room established to coordinate reports and provide immediate response.


Zazim – Community Action and Adalah hope that the elections will take place without incident.