Discriminatory Laws in Israel

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NameLaw Type IdLaw StatusYear
Knesset Law Political ParticipationActive1994
Land (Acquisition for Public Purposes) Ordinance - Amendment No. 10Land and Planning RightsActive2010
Land Acquisition Law (Actions and Compensation)Land and Planning RightsActive1953
Law and Government Ordinance, Article 18AReligionActive1948
Law of Political Parties - Amendment No. 12 Political ParticipationActive2002
Law of ReturnCitizenshipActive1950
Law of Yad Yitzhak Ben-Zvi (1969) and Law of Mikve Israel Agricultural School (1976)Culture and LanguageActive1969
Law to Strip Payments from a Current or Former Member of Knesset due to a CrimeEconomic RightsActive2011
Mandatory minimum sentences for convicted stone-throwers - Amendment No. 120 to the Israeli Penal Code Criminal Law and ProceduresActive2015
National Planning and Building LawLand and Planning RightsActive1965
National Planning and Building Law -Limitation of Water, Electricity and Telephone Land and Planning RightsActive1965
National Priority Areas - The Economic Efficiency Law - Legislative Amendments for Implementing the Economic Plan for 2009-2010Economic RightsActive2009
NGO “Funding Transparency” LawFreedom of AssociationActive2016
Order stripping essential procedural safeguards from “security” detainees - Amendment No. 4 to the Criminal Procedure Law (Detainee Suspected of Security Offence) (Temporary Order)Criminal Law and ProceduresActive2015
Protection of Holy Sites LawReligionActive1967
Public Lands Law (Eviction of Squatters)Land and Planning RightsActive1981
Regional Councils Law (Date of General Elections) Special Amendment No. 6 Political ParticipationActive2009
Religious Jewish Services Law ReligionActive1971
Revoking child allowances from parents of children convicted of security offenses - Amendment No. 163 to the National Insurance ActEconomic RightsActive2015
Second Authority for Television and Radio Law Culture and LanguageActive1990