Discriminatory Laws in Israel

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NameLaw Type IdLaw StatusYear
“Stop-and-Frisk” Law - Amendment No. 5 to the Authorities for Maintaining Public Security Law 5765-2005Civil and Political RightsActive2016
"Anti-Terror" (Counter-Terrorism) LawCriminal Law and ProceduresCivil and Political RightsFreedom of AssociationActive2016
“Expulsion of MKs” Law - Amendment No. 44 to Basic Law: KnessetCivil and Political RightsPolitical ParticipationActive2016
NGO “Funding Transparency” LawFreedom of AssociationActive2016
Absorption of Discharged Soldiers Law - Benefits for Discharged SoldiersEducationEducation Military ServiceActive2022
Law for Revocation of Citizenship or Residency of a Terrorist who Receives Compensation for Carrying out a Terrorist ActCivil and Political RightsCitizenshipActive2023
“Hametz Law” - The Patient's Rights Act (Amendment No. 13) 2023Active2023