Discriminatory Laws

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Adalah is challenging ministerial ban on external providers of school programs that refuse to declare they recognize the Jewish character of the state, and/or those who commemorate the Palestinian...
The petition, filed on behalf of the Al-Tufula Center, the Arab Mayors’ Committee, and the Follow-up Committee on Arab Education demands the cancellation of clauses requiring that educational...
Adalah warns the Ministerial Committee on Legislation that the proposed bill will deepen racial discrimination against Palestinians in Israel and in the OPT and violate international law.
Details newly-enacted Israeli laws and pending bills that contain discriminatory and/or anti-democratic provisions liable to violate the rights of Palestinian citizens of Israel and in the OPT.
Adalah’s Discriminatory Laws Database (DLD) is an online resource comprising a list of over 65 Israeli laws that discriminate directly or indirectly against Palestinian citizens in Israel...
Proposed amendment would give settlements equal legal status to that of communities in the Naqab, effectively annexing parts of the southern West Bank to Israel.
2016's top five human rights concerns: forced displacement, discriminatory laws, 'shoot to kill' policy, education and employment gaps, shrinking civil society space.
Petitioners: There is no rational relationship between social welfare benefits and punishment for criminal offenses.
Adalah: This bill resembles the laws of history's criminal regimes, and seeks not only to humiliate human rights groups but also to incite against them.
On Human Rights Day 2015, Adalah has compiled a summary of 10 unjust and discriminatory decisions made by the Supreme Court this year, on petitions filed by Adalah and other partner organizations.
Adalah: "The Court’s decision has validated one of Israel’s most racist and arbitrary laws, and has given the green light for the application of arbitrary codes on occupied land and its...
The court cancelled a minor provision of the law, which allowed exceptional higher compensation without the need to prove damages, but left the rest of the law intact.
Adalah: Supreme Court's decision entrenches racial segregation; 434 small communities in Israel, or 43% of all residential areas, will be allowed to close their doors to Arab citizens of the state.
The bill is an infringement of the individual and collective rights of Arab citizens who, like Jewish citizens and any citizens of a democratic country, are entitled to the right to a meaningful...
An expanded judicial panel of nine justices focused on the legal question of whether the law harms freedom of political expression
On 30 October 2013, the 'Contributors to the State Bill' passed a preliminary reading in the Israeli Knesset. The bill grants additional, extensive benefits to those that are already granted to...
The state does not apply the Absentee Property Law to the properties of settlers in the West Bank, and thus, its exclusive application to the properties of Palestinians constitutes unlawful...
On 10 September 2013, the Israeli Supreme Court will hold a hearing on the application of the Absentees' Property Law to Palestinian West Bank residents who own properties in East Jerusalem, and...
The Supreme Court of Israel will hold a hearing on 10 September 2013 on the application of the Absentees’ Property Law-1950 to Palestinian West Bank residents who own properties in East...