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Bill violates international laws that forbid an occupying power from transferring its civilian population into occupied territories.
Law intended to expel Arab Knesset members who 'dare' to stray beyond boundaries dictated to them by Israeli Jewish majority.
NGO Law does not apply to donations from private individuals, therefore exempting right-wing organizations from filing funding reports.
New regulations permit officers to use deadly force as a first option against Palestinians throwing stones or shooting fireworks.
In violation of int'l treaties, Israel has cut water supply up to 70%, leaving homes with no running water and causing factory shutdowns, severe damage to agriculture, deaths of livestock.
Adalah, Al Mezan, and PHR-I call on the international community to take action to end Israel's torture and ill-treatment of Palestinian children from the OPT.
Adalah: Funds to alleviate severe housing shortage in Arab communities, resulting from systemic state discrimination, is not a matter of charity but of right
Reclassifies political activities of Palestinian Arab citizens of Israel as acts of terror. Adalah: "New law marks Arab citizens as suspects simply because they are Arab."
Law affects tens of thousands of Palestinian families, creates a separate track of naturalization for spouses of Palestinian citizens of Israel from OPT and "enemy states."
Municipality has failed to implement 2002 Israeli Supreme Court decision that all public signage must appear in Arabic in addition to Hebrew.
Israeli Interior Minister Aryeh Deri's decision is a drastic step that entails a severe violation of human rights
State still denying Umm Batin basic services and public infrastructure including connections to water, sewerage and electricity networks.
Adalah sends complaints to Israeli military, Attorney General demanding return of boats worth tens of thousands of shekels confiscated by Israeli navy.
Adalah: Ministry directive accommodates students speaking Hebrew, other foreign languages while excluding Arabic-speaking students.
According to official data, the cost of meeting kosher standards and complying with the requirements for obtaining a rabbinate certificate (Kashrut) amounts to about 110,400$ per month.
Committee raised numerous issues highlighted by human rights organizations in concluding observations as matters of grave concern.
Plan substantially changes demographic fabric in the area, violates IHL by transferring civilian groups from occupying power to occupied areas.
Adalah and Addameer: Positive announcement comes despite Israel’s repeated stalling and evasion of obligations to date.
Adalah, Al Mezan and Physicians for Human Rights-Israel submitted a joint NGO report to the Committee and attended the review session in Geneva.
Court schedules urgent hearing for 25 May 2016 at 10:00am.