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Adalah: Law demonstrates the political repression that comes with the tyranny of the majority against the minority.
"The right to citizenship is the most important of all rights, as it encompasses many other constitutional rights."
Video documenting events shows when the police shot Abu Shaaban to death, he wasn't a danger to anyone.
Adalah: Without parallel award, it marginalizes and insults human dignity of Arab artists and Arab community.
Changes that followed petitions filed by human rights organizations twelve years ago in 2004 “provide a partial solution, but do not solve the fundamental problem”
Adalah: Demanding "loyalty" to Israel is a political consideration, which has numerous implications on freedom of expression.
Adalah: Israel's land policy is characterized by the allocation of land rights in a selective and discriminatory manner on the basis of nationality in favor of the Israeli Jewish population.
Adalah: Court's decision legitimizes Israel's longstanding colonial policy of racial discrimination, segregation, and dispossession.
"Every movement of students from their entry to their departure from school exposes them to the risk of getting hurt."
Adalah & ACRI: The JNF's loyalty is not and cannot be for the benefit of the Israeli public; its principles prevent the transfer of land rights to non-Jewish people.
Adalah: This bill resembles the laws of history's criminal regimes, and seeks not only to humiliate human rights groups but also to incite against them.
The incident raises serious suspicion of the use of improper practices amounting to torture and cruel treatment, which are prohibited under Israeli law and international law.
Adalah: The police's contention that publishing the instructions could harm state security and threaten public order is baseless.
Adalah: "The current circumstances are severely affecting the children's personal and learning potential, and in turn their ability to socially integrate in school."
Adalah: "The order issued by the Defense Minister is a violation and crackdown on the Islamic Movement's rights to freedom of association and political expression, and harms the Palestinian-Arab...
Ewisat, 16, was killed by police gunfire on 17 October 2015 in the Jewish settlement of Armon HaNatziv in East Jerusalem. The killing was not filmed, and the family only learned of his death from...
Adalah: The decision is a strong indication that the Culture Ministry should reverse its own discriminatory and unlawful decision to freeze its funding of the theatre, which violates freedom of...
Mandatory minimum prison sentences for stone-throwing, and imposing fines and stripping the Palestinian child’s parents of social security benefits are all illegal sanctions
Adalah: "The aim of the continued detention of Mr. Khateeb is to intimidate and deeply frighten Palestinian society from using social media to express support for their own people."
Adalah: When the authorities impede exposure to opinions associated with the minority group, the result is the transformation of the cultural and artistic arena into a mouthpiece for the majority.