Adalah: Netanyahu inciting against Palestinian citizens, encouraging Israeli forces to continue committing hate crimes, war crimes

Adalah – The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel responded to a statement made tonight, 15 May, 2021, by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu:

“Israeli law enforcement is turning a blind eye as armed, racist Jewish militia groups are marching through the streets attacking Palestinians, but Netanyahu has tonight nevertheless pointed an accusatory finger at Palestinian citizens of Israel. The Israeli prime minister continues to emphasize that Israeli police, employing brutal violence against Palestinian citizens, will receive full political backing for their actions. Netanyahu is once again demonstrating that the rule of law has no value as far as Palestinians are concerned – whether they live in Israel, in the West Bank, in East Jerusalem, or in the Gaza Strip. The recent killing of Palestinian civilians – including 30 children – in their homes in Gaza, has now been added to the list of war crimes that must be investigated by the International Criminal Court. Netanyahu has insisted, by virtue of tonight’s statement, that he most certainly must be one of the ICC’s primary suspects.”


(Photo: Israeli GPO)