Adalah's Newsletter Volume 27, July - August 2006


Volume 27, July - August 2006
Precedent-Setting Judgment: Haifa University Discriminates Against Arab Students in Allocation of Student Accommodation
Nine-Justice Supreme Court Panel to Hear Petition Demanding Cancellation of Law Banning Tort Lawsuits by Palestinians for Damages by Israeli Army in OPTs
Supreme Court Issues Order Nisi Demanding Reasons for not Revoking Promotion of Police Commander Benzi Sau, Against Or Commission's Recommendation
Articles: Education Rights - 100 Terms Program
The 100 Terms Program: A Rawlsian Critique
Prof. Yoav Peled, Dept. of Political Science, Tel Aviv University
“Identity and Belonging”
Dr. As’ad Ghanem, School of Political Science, Haifa University
Criminal Justice
Supreme Court Grants Lawyers Immediate Access to Detained Members of Palestinian Legislative Council
Adalah Demands Israel Prison Service Resume Broadcast of Arabic Television Channels for Prisoners
Land, Planning and Justice
Adalah Submits Objections to Plans to Confiscate Lands Cultivated by Arab Farmers to Create “Kiryat Ata Forest”
Education Rights
Following Petition, Ness Ziona Municipality Agrees to Transport Arab Children to their School in Ramle
Adalah Urges Investigation into Ultra-Orthodox Newspaper Publication of Virulently Racist Article against Arabs

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Opening Remarks
On 30.08.06, the Israeli Supreme Court will hear a petition challenging a law which strips Palestinians from the OPTs of their right to submit tort lawsuits in Israel against the Israeli security forces. Under this law, if an Israeli soldier enters and steals from a house or a shop in Ramallah, or shoots a Palestinian child, the victim will not have the right to submit a claim for compensation. A primary aim of tort law is to deter people from committing harms. However, the law sends out the opposite message to soldiers: Don’t be deterred from harming Palestinians, even if it is prohibited to do so under international law. “Deterrence” and not diplomacy or negotiation is the main policy of Israel’s governments. In the Israeli political lexicon, “deterrence” means to terrify the “Other” so that he will not consider harming Israeli interests. “Exacting a high price from them” or “Pressurizing their population” describe the army’s aims in the OPTs, as during the war in Lebanon. The law fits well into the Israeli “policy of deterrence” and tells every Palestinian: your life and your property are unprotected.
Upcoming Conference
Law and Human Rights Conference for Arab Law Students, 14-16 September 2006, Neve Shalom
Call for Papers for Makan, Volume II
Situation Report on Gaza
OCHA Situation Report on Situation in the Gaza Strip,
7-24 August 2006
Adalah Seeks Human Rights Advocacy and Legal Fellows

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