Adalah's Newsletter Volume 26, June 2006


Volume 26, June 2006
Roundtable on Family Unification Decision
Jamil Dakwar – Attorney, The American Civil Liberties Union
Dr. Ilan Saban – Lecturer, Faculty of Law, Haifa University
Nimer Sultany – Attorney, SJD Candidate
Articles: Family Unification Decision
Gender and Nationalism in Court Rulings: Family Unification Decisions Rendered by Women Supreme Court Justices
Sawsan Zaher, Advocate, Adalah
"The Philosophers and Intellectuals Can Say Whatever They Say"
Dr. Aeyal Gross, Law Faculty, Tel Aviv University
Breaking Away from the Israeli Model
Brad Rubin, Lawyer, Washington DC
Land, Planning and Justice
Landowners in Lajoun Demand Registration in their Names of Land Confiscated Fifty Years Ago
October 2000
Supreme Court Petition: Cancel Promotion of Benzi Sau to Senior Position in Ministry of Public Security
Political Rights
Adalah Demands Cancellation of GSS’s Racist Directives which Prevent Arabs from Traveling on Tamir Flights
International Advocacy
Adalah's Written Submission to the European Parliament’s Sub-Committee on Human Rights

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Opening Remarks
Many lawyers have asked Adalah whether Justice Cheshin’s statement in the family unification case that over 26 residents of the Occupied Territories from the thousands who have received status in Israel via family unification were involved in what he termed “terrorism against citizens of the State of Israel,” is correct. The Attorney General (AG) claimed in his written submission to the Supreme Court that “26 individuals have been investigated over terrorist activities. ” [Emphasis added] Adalah demanded that the AG inform the Court of these investigations and their results. The AG provided no response to the Court, nor a single document to verify this statement. He submitted no indictments or reports to corroborate that they had even been arrested. The only document submitted by the AG examines the personality traits of suicide bombers. No mention is made family unification applicants; in fact, the document states that the vast majority of suicide bombers are unmarried. With no evidence to substantiate his claims, Justice Cheshin wrote a decision using inflammatory, provocative and extremist rhetoric, which wholly relies on the contention that every Palestinian is a potential terrorist or supporter of terrorism and must be prevented from entering Israel. How, we ask, would the Israeli government react if a Palestinian official stated that all Israelis are potential terrorists or supporters of state terrorism?
Gaza Beach Attacks
Open Letter to EU-Israel Association Council on Gaza Beach Attacks

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