Adalah's Newsletter Volume 17, Special Edition, September 2005


Special Edition, Volume 17, September 2005
Adalah’s Initial Analysis of the Report of the Ministry of Justice’s Police Investigation Unit (“Mahash”)
The Response of the Committee of the Victims' Families (October 2000) to the Recommendations of Mahash
The Legal Facts Regarding the Issue of the Exhumation of the October 2000 Victims' Bodies for Autopsy
Document Approving Release of Victims' Bodies for Burial without Autopsy from Galilee Police Investigation Unit
Adalah: AG Mazuz’s Full Support of Justice Ministry’s Decision Not to Indict for October 2000 Killings is Breach of his Duty to Act Impartially and with Objectivity
Upcoming Conference: "October 2000: 5 Years," Sunday 2 October 2005, the Hapayes Center, Umm al-Fahem
The Program in English
October 2000 - Briefing on Criminal Responsibility
Adalah’s Correspondence with Mahash and the Attorney General on the Killings
The Comments of Justice Or on Mahash’s Conduct Toward the Killings
The 13 Palestinian Victims Killed by Israeli Police Forces in October 2000

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Opening Remarks
Adalah repeatedly warned about the anticipated report of the Justice Ministry’s Police Investigation Unit (“Mahash”). Mahash’s failure to open an immediate investigation into the shootings and killings by the police left no doubt regarding the report’s content. Clearly, Adalah cannot appeal to State Attorney Eran Shendar, who, as Director of Mahash in October 2000, was directly responsible for the failure. The AG disqualified himself from reviewing an appeal after fully supporting Mahash and its report. Adalah’s main demand is the criminal indictment of those responsible. Merely opening a new investigation at this stage might not uncover the truth, unless the law enforcement authorities internalize the significance of killing Arab citizens. Therefore, Adalah’s first request will be to penalize those responsible for Mahash’s initial failure. Impunity must not be granted to individuals who did not fulfill their duty to investigate on the 1st of October 2000, which could have prevented the illegal shootings on the 2nd, 3rd and 8th of October. If, after exhausting all domestic remedies, attempts to secure indictments against those responsible for the killings and injuries fail, the international track will be available and effective.
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