With zero accountability, Israeli military unlawfully attacking innocent civilians and civilian infrastructure in Gaza

Adalah: Israel demonstrates continued unwillingness to investigate its actions in a long series of suspected war crimes and attacks on Gaza.

In light of the current escalation and the exchange of fire between Israel and Gaza over the course of the past 48 hours, Adalah – The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel again warns that the Israeli military has consistently failed to conduct genuine investigations into its suspected violations of international law.


Adalah responded Sunday afternoon to the latest escalation of violence:


"As we pointed out in 2009, in 2014, and during the 2018 March of Return protests, the Israeli military consistently refuses to open investigations and prosecute those suspected of responsibility for the killings of unarmed civilians in Gaza. A series of United Nations investigations have repeatedly determined that Israel is suspected of war crimes but these consistent conclusions have had no effect on Israel's conduct. Israel continues to operate unchecked and – as we have seen in the last 48 hours – aims its weapons at Gaza’s unarmed civilian population and civilian infrastructure in violation of the laws of war and international humanitarian law."


The Israeli military carries out airstrikes in northern Gaza on 14 May 2018. (Archive photo by Mati Milstein)


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UN commission's report on Palestinian protests is scathing indictment of Israeli government on all fronts (28/02/2019)

UN commission: Israeli use of live ammunition is illegal; rules of engagement approved by Israeli Supreme Court violate international norms; Israeli gov't hasn't meaningfully investigated and prosecuted anyone responsible for crimes against Palestinians.


Israel gives itself immunity from all damage claims filed by Gazans harmed by Israeli troops; Adalah, Al Mezan appeal to Supreme Court (10/02/2019)

Adalah and Al Mezan appeal to Israeli Supreme Court against lower court ruling finding that Gazans may be denied compensation for damages because Gaza is defined by law as an 'enemy territory'.


Adalah: Israel has failed to investigate, initiate prosecutions relating to 2014 Gaza war (09/12/2018)

Adalah submits report on the lack of Israeli domestic accountability mechanisms to UN Independent Commission of Inquiry examining 2018 protests in Gaza Strip.


October 2000 to Gaza 2018: Israeli snipers continue killing unarmed Palestinian demonstrators with Israeli Supreme Court’s approval (30/09/2018)

Israel blatantly ignoring domestic and international law; Adalah demands accountability and prosecution of those responsible for gross violations of right to life.


Adalah, Al Mezan demand immediate investigation: Israeli aerial attack on Gaza cultural center is suspected war crime (21/08/2018)

On 9 August, Israel fired 9 missiles from drones and warplanes that wounded 24 people – including 8 women and children – and totally destroyed the Mis’hal Cultural Center.


Adalah: Israeli drone attack that killed four Gaza boys demonstrates criminal reckless disregard for human life (14/08/2018)

Military testimonies received by Adalah shed light on 2014 attack that killed Bakr siblings on Gaza beach; AG's failure to respond shows Israeli investigation mechanism ineffective remedy for victims.


Israeli Supreme Court gives green light to continued use of live fire, snipers against Gaza protesters (25/05/2018)

Supreme Court fully adopts Israeli military’s position, refused to watch videos documenting shooting of Gaza demonstrators; Israeli military has killed more than 100 in Gaza since 30 March.


Israeli Supreme Court rules on Adalah-Al Mezan petition: Israel must let Palestinian youth wounded by Israeli gunfire at protests leave Gaza for urgent care (16/04/2018)

Three justices ruled unanimously that Yousef Al-Kronz, who already had one leg amputated last week after being shot by Israeli troops, must be allowed to leave Gaza for Ramallah hospital.


Adalah, Al Mezan demand Israel return bodies of two dead Gaza men taken by Israeli military (02/04/2018)

By taking bodies of two Palestinian men killed on 30 March, Israeli military is exploiting the dignity of the deceased and their families.


Israeli army threatens Gaza family in Facebook post (30/10/2017)

Adalah, Al Mezan demand Israeli military halt threats; Geneva Convention: Acts or threats of violence the primary purpose of which is to spread terror among civilian population are prohibited.


Justice denied: Three years after Israel's deadly 'Hannibal Directive' in Gaza Strip (01/08/2017)

1 August 2017 marks three years since “Black Friday” in Rafah, intensive military attacks that killed 255 Palestinians, including 85 children, and wounded hundreds more


Israeli army admits missiles failed to hit intended target, killing five members of Gaza family (12/01/2017)

Israeli military refuses to provide explanation for attack; Adalah, Al Mezan appeals military advocate's decision not to launch criminal investigation.


Adalah submits report to UN Commission of Inquiry on Gaza (03/02/2015)

Israel’s investigations into its 2014 Operation Protective Edge fall far short of international standards, and Israeli courts are effectively closed to Gazans' civil tort claims.


The Goldstone Report at the UN General Assembly: States Must Uphold International Law to Ensure Accountability for the Victims of War Crimes in Gaza (04/11/2009)


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