Discriminatory Laws in Israel

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NameLaw Type IdLaw StatusYear
Defense Regulations (Times of Emergency), Regulation 125 (Closed Zones)Land and Planning RightsActive1945
Absentees’ Property Law Land and Planning RightsActive1950
Jewish National Fund Law Land and Planning RightsActive1953
Land Acquisition Law (Actions and Compensation)Land and Planning RightsActive1953
Basic Law: Israel LandsLand and Planning RightsActive1960
Israel Land Administration Law Land and Planning RightsActive1960
National Planning and Building Law -Limitation of Water, Electricity and Telephone Land and Planning RightsActive1965
National Planning and Building LawLand and Planning RightsActive1965
Public Lands Law (Eviction of Squatters)Land and Planning RightsActive1981
Israel Land Administration Law - Amendment No. 7Land and Planning RightsActive2009
"Negev Individual Settlements" - Negev Development Authority Law - Amendment No. 4Land and Planning RightsActive2010
Land (Acquisition for Public Purposes) Ordinance - Amendment No. 10Land and Planning RightsActive2010
Foreign Property Ownership - Israel Lands Law (Amendment No. 3)Land and Planning RightsActive2011
"Admissions Committees Law" - Cooperative Societies Ordinance - Amendment No. 8Land and Planning RightsActive2011