Discriminatory Laws in Israel

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NameLaw Type IdLaw StatusYear
Citizenship Law - Amendment No. 10CitizenshipActive2011
Civil Wrongs Law - Amendment No. 8 (Liability of the State) 1967 Occupied TerritoriesActive2012
Criminal Procedure Law - Interrogating Suspects - Amendment No. 4Criminal Law and ProceduresActive2008
Criminal Procedure Law - Interrogating Suspects - Amendment No. 6Criminal Law and ProceduresActive2012
Criminal Procedure Law (Detainee Suspected of Security Offence) (Temporary Order) Criminal Law and ProceduresActive2006
Defense Regulations (Times of Emergency), Regulation 125 (Closed Zones)Land and Planning RightsActive1945
Entry into Israel Law CitizenshipActive1952
Extension of Detention - Criminal Procedure Law (Suspects of Security Offenses) (Temporary Order) - Amendment No. 2Criminal Law and ProceduresActive2010
Fines on parents of stone-throwers - Amendment No. 20 to the Youth (Care and Supervision) LawCriminal Law and ProceduresActive2015
Flag and Emblem Law National Identity SymbolsActive1949
Foreign Property Ownership - Israel Lands Law (Amendment No. 3)Land and Planning RightsActive2011
Foundations of Law ActSources of LawActive1980
Income Tax Ordinance - Amendment No. 191 1967 Occupied TerritoriesActive2012
Increased Governance and Raising the Qualifying Election Threshold – Bill to Amend Basic Law: The Government (1160)Political ParticipationActive2014
Interpretation LawSources of LawActive1981
Israel Land Administration Law Land and Planning RightsActive1960
Israel Land Administration Law - Amendment No. 7Land and Planning RightsActive2009
Israeli Prisons Ordinance - Amendment No. 40 (Meetings with Lawyers) Criminal Law and ProceduresActive2011
Israeli Prisons Ordinance Amendment No. 43 - Prisoner-Attorney MeetingsCriminal Law and ProceduresActive2012
Jewish National Fund Law Land and Planning RightsActive1953