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After legal intervention coordinated by Adalah, all seven detainees were released with conditions and were issued a 10-day restraining order preventing them from returning to their village. Adalah:...
Since the deadly raid on the Jenin refugee camp and the escalation that followed, the newly formed govt. swiftly advances multiple racist and illegal policies.
Israel's police openly announce that 'Operation Law and Order' intended to intimidate and serve as 'deterrent'; Adalah: This is illegal, constitutes collective punishment based on racial profiling.
Adalah demands Israeli law enforcement agencies reveal to detainees and their lawyers contents of social media posts in pre-trial detention hearings.
Israeli police employ series of illegal practices against Palestinian Arab citizen protesters, including preventive arrests and dispersal of legal demonstrations.
Majority of 2015-2016 arrests for alleged online incitement are of Palestinian citizens; Israel may apply Facebook deal in discriminatory, politically-motivated manner.