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Gisha and Adalah to Israel's Maritime Court: Israeli restrictions in Gaza’s sea space are illegal. Israel has no legal authority to seize boats in Gaza, let alone to permanently confiscate them.
Palestinian fishing unions in Gaza have reported multiple incidents of fire by the Israeli navy toward fishermen and their boats even within the permitted fishing zone.
NGOs to Israel’s Attorney General and Military Advocate General: Stop military’s violent attacks on fishermen and open investigations; increased attacks come as Gaza faces economic uncertainty...
Gisha, Adalah, and Al Mezan filed Supreme Court petition; Israel says it will return another 65 boats and fishing vessels seized from Gaza fishermen within the next four months.
Israel says will return boats 'subject to security and political considerations'; NGOs demand Israel return them immediately along with all on-board equipment, without further costs to boat owners.
Israel's attacks on Palestinian fishermen off Gaza Strip coast conducted without any authority and in violation of international law.