Civil and political rights

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The petition, filed on behalf of the Al-Tufula Center, the Arab Mayors’ Committee, and the Follow-up Committee on Arab Education demands the cancellation of clauses requiring that educational...
Revoking citizenship sends humiliating and degrading message to Palestinian citizens that their citizenship is conditional and cannot be taken for granted.
Adalah: Law demonstrates the political repression that comes with the tyranny of the majority against the minority.
"The right to citizenship is the most important of all rights, as it encompasses many other constitutional rights."
Adalah: "The order issued by the Defense Minister is a violation and crackdown on the Islamic Movement's rights to freedom of association and political expression, and harms the Palestinian-Arab...
Adalah: "The law substantially strengthens and widens the powers of the police and the Shabak to suppress any legitimate protest activities against Israeli policies."
Adalah: The Court's decision is dominated by political calculations more than by legal reasoning; ban on travel to Arab countries is discriminatory and repressive.
State Attorney's Office responds to Adalah: It is difficult to understand Lieberman's statement - "as to those who are against us…we must raise the ax and cut off his head" - as a call to violence!
Adalah: "The decision shows that the entire case against former MK Barakeh was a political case from the outset."
The court cancelled a minor provision of the law, which allowed exceptional higher compensation without the need to prove damages, but left the rest of the law intact.
Statements constitute incitement to violence against Arab citizens , further poison atmosphere within Israeli society which legitimizes harm towards Arabs.
Adalah: Gap between discourse of the CEC and decisions of the Supreme Court demonstrates the improper motives of the Committee.
Mk Zoabi: "Right-wing parties are prosecuting Arab MKs who represent the Palestinian people, and who fight for justice, equality and freedom."
Lack of public transportation to polling stations impedes many Bedouins' right to vote and directly influences voter levels in their villages.
Adalah and ACRI: Decision disregards Arab citizens’ rights to political representation by a variety of political movements.
Adalah and ACRI: New election threshold violates Arab citizens' right to choose their political orientation
Attorney Jabareen: 'The fact that the court dismissed three of the four charges shows a blatantly discriminatory policy in the submission of indictments against Arab political leaders.'
Adalah’s General Director, Attorney Hassan Jabareen, together with Attorneys Orna Kohn and Aram Mahameed have been representing MK Barakeh
Adalah Attorneys Hassan Jabareen and Aram Mahameed represented MK Barakeh in court
On 23 December 2013, the Israeli Supreme Court rejected a petition filed by Michael Ben-Ari and Itamar Ben-Gvir against the Attorney General’s (AG) decision to close the investigation files...