Police violence

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Repressive police acts include arbitrary arrests of minors; 'preventive arrests' of activists; arrests of activists' family members; and severe physical violence against protestors.
Adalah & Addameer: "The police chose to use deadly weapons as the only option, as a first course of action instead of as a last resort."
15 years since the events of October 2000, the victims' cries still resonate against those responsible for their deaths, and the doctrine of violent repression remains ingrained in the Israeli...
Adalah issued the two urgent letters on 16 and 20 September following escalations in Palestinian areas of occupied East Jerusalem.
Adalah: "The closing of the investigation without an indictment or trial demonstrates the impunity enjoyed by the Israeli police despite their careless approach with the lives of Arab citizens."
The event brought impacted persons from Israel/Palestine and the United States, along with lawyers and human rights advocates, to urge the international community to take effective steps to address...
Letter argued that police continue to practice what the Or Commission called a 'culture of lying' rooted within the police institution.
Policemen who executed Hamdan should be suspended, criminal investigation should be opened, and those responsible brought to trial.
Adalah, Mossawa and Arab HRA informed diplomats of human rights violations occurring against Palestinian citizens in Israel in the backdrop of Israel’s military offensive in the Gaza Strip.
On Saturday, 30 November 2013, thousands of demonstrators took to the streets in Haifa, Hura and Jerusalem to protest against the Prawer Plan. Police officers were deployed in huge numbers at the...
(Haifa, Israel) This week marks the 12th anniversary of the events of October 2000, when the Israeli police and security forces killed 13 young Palestinian Arab citizens of Israel during...
Following Adalah’s complaint, the Head of Coordination and Application at the Ministry of Environmental Preservation announced the cancellation of fines for "disturbing the peace: against five...
Adalah: "Granting a pardon to Officer Mizrahi and not compelling him to serve his prison sentence is a green light for all police officers to use force illegally without fear of being held...
Today, 25 September 2008, Adalah and the Arab Association for Human Rights (HRA) submitted a comprehensive file of complaints to the Ministry of Justice’s Police Investigations Department...
Adalah and the Arab Association for Human Rights Collecting Eyewitness Testimonies to Document Police Violence and File Complaints Ten Arab Citizens of Israel Detained by Police and later Released...