Collective punishment

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Since the deadly raid on the Jenin refugee camp and the escalation that followed, the newly formed govt. swiftly advances multiple racist and illegal policies.
Adalah: the instructions of the National Security Minister are a form of collective punishment that violates Israeli and international law.
Israeli troops have sealed off 130,000 Palestinians in five residential areas, imposing sweeping collective punishment including power cuts, spraying of foul-smelling ‘skunk’ water, and firing...
Adalah: Blocking an entire street and limiting freedom of movement for residents of an entire neighborhood under pretense of fighting crime constitutes collective punishment.
Petition filed by Adalah, Hamoked, Addameer, and Defense for Children International-Palestine to be held 3 July before expanded panel of nine justices.
Supreme Court rules police must return bodies of three Al Aqsa shooting suspects, Palestinian citizens of Israel, to families for burial within 30 hours; says no law permits police to hold bodies.
In response to Adalah petition, Israeli Supreme Court decides to hold hearing on issue Sunday; Adalah: No law permits Israeli police to hold bodies and prevent families from burying their children.
Israel imposes collective punishment on Palestinian residents, preventing them from accessing homes and businesses, in violation of both Israeli and international law.
Israeli police shuttered Arab-owned businesses in East Jerusalem following stabbing attack, despite not having warrants or other legal authorization.