Demolition of Homes in the Jenin Refugee Camp.

HCJ 2977/02, Adalah and LAW v. Commander of the Israeli Army in the West Bank

This petition was filed with LAW in April 2002 against the Commander of the Israeli Army in the West Bank. The petition alleges that the army is demolishing homes in the Jenin refugee camp using bulldozers, shells fired from tanks, and missiles launched from helicopter gun ships. The petition also charged the army with failing to give Palestinian residents any prior notice of the home demolitions, denying their right to be heard, and not even providing the residents with any time to escape from their homes. These actions resulted in the death and injury of Palestinian civilians, some of whom were buried under the rubble of their homes.

The army has a duty to respect the residents' rights to life, well-being and human dignity, and is prohibited from destroying civilian infrastructure and property in the camp. The state argued that the army "is making every effort to avoid hurting innocents," and that before demolishing homes, the army broadcast warnings to residents. The state admitted that in some cases, bulldozers began demolishing houses even before the residents had left.

The petition dismissed 4/02, with the Court accepting the state's claims.

News Updates:

8 April 2012: Adalah files petition
9 April 2012: Supreme Court dismisses petition

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H.C. 2977/02, Adalah and LAW v. Commander of the Israeli Army in the West Bank