Discriminatory Laws in Israel

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NameLaw Type IdLaw StatusYear
Civil Wrongs Law - Amendment No. 8 (Liability of the State) 1967 Occupied TerritoriesActive2012
Criminal Procedure Law - Interrogating Suspects - Amendment No. 6Criminal Law and ProceduresActive2012
Income Tax Ordinance - Amendment No. 191 1967 Occupied TerritoriesActive2012
Israeli Prisons Ordinance Amendment No. 43 - Prisoner-Attorney MeetingsCriminal Law and ProceduresActive2012
Israeli Prisons Ordinance - Amendment No. 40 (Meetings with Lawyers) Criminal Law and ProceduresActive2011
"Anti-Boycott Law" - Prevention of Damage to the State of Israel through Boycott Civil and Political RightsActive2011
Foreign Property Ownership - Israel Lands Law (Amendment No. 3)Land and Planning RightsActive2011
"Admissions Committees Law" - Cooperative Societies Ordinance - Amendments No. 8 and 12Land and Planning RightsActive2011
Citizenship Law - Amendment No. 10CitizenshipActive2011
"Nakba Law" - Amendment No. 40 to the Budgets Foundations Law Civil and Political RightsActive2011
"Foreign Government Funding Law" - Law on Disclosure Requirements for Recipients of Support from a Foreign State Entity Freedom of AssociationActive2011
Law to Strip Payments from a Current or Former Member of Knesset due to a CrimeEconomic RightsActive2011
Extension of Detention - Criminal Procedure Law (Suspects of Security Offenses) (Temporary Order) - Amendment No. 2Criminal Law and ProceduresActive2010
"Negev Individual Settlements" - Negev Development Authority Law - Amendment No. 4Land and Planning RightsActive2010
Absorption of Discharged Soldiers Law - Benefits for Discharged SoldiersEducationEducation Military ServiceActive2022
Land (Acquisition for Public Purposes) Ordinance - Amendment No. 10Land and Planning RightsActive2010
"Pardon Law" or "Amnesty Law" - Termination of Proceedings and Deletion of Records in the Disengagement Plan Law Civil and Political RightsActive2010
Regional Councils Law (Date of General Elections) Special Amendment No. 6 Political ParticipationActive2009
Israel Land Administration Law - Amendment No. 7Land and Planning RightsActive2009
National Priority Areas - The Economic Efficiency Law - Legislative Amendments for Implementing the Economic Plan for 2009-2010Economic RightsActive2009