Discriminatory Laws in Israel

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NameLaw Type IdLaw StatusYear
Law of Yad Yitzhak Ben-Zvi (1969) and Law of Mikve Israel Agricultural School (1976)Culture and LanguageActive1969
Religious Jewish Services Law ReligionActive1971
Basic Law: Jerusalem, Capital of Israel1967 Occupied TerritoriesActive1980
Foundations of Law ActSources of LawActive1980
The Golan Heights Law1967 Occupied TerritoriesActive1981
Interpretation LawSources of LawActive1981
Public Lands Law (Eviction of Squatters)Land and Planning RightsActive1981
Second Authority for Television and Radio Law Culture and LanguageActive1990
Basic Law: The Government Criminal Law and ProceduresActive1992
Knesset Law Political ParticipationActive1994
Use of Hebrew Date LawCulture and LanguageActive1998
Law of Political Parties - Amendment No. 12 Political ParticipationActive2002
"Ban on Family Unification" - Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law (Temporary Order) CitizenshipActive2003
Criminal Procedure Law (Detainee Suspected of Security Offence) (Temporary Order) Criminal Law and ProceduresActive2006
Absorption of Discharged Soldiers Law - Amendment No. 7: Benefits for Discharged Soldiers EducationActive2008
Criminal Procedure Law - Interrogating Suspects - Amendment No. 4Criminal Law and ProceduresActive2008
Regional Councils Law (Date of General Elections) Special Amendment No. 6 Political ParticipationActive2009
Israel Land Administration Law - Amendment No. 7Land and Planning RightsActive2009
National Priority Areas - The Economic Efficiency Law - Legislative Amendments for Implementing the Economic Plan for 2009-2010Economic RightsActive2009
Child Vaccinations and Child Allowances - Economic Efficiency LawEconomic RightsActive2009