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72-year-old Salwa Salem Copty finally allowed to visit Christian cemetery surrounded by Israeli military base built on the ruins of destroyed Palestinian village near Nazareth.
Israeli army expelled residents, demolished Galilee village in 1948; Adalah demands all displaced residents from Ma'alul be allowed to visit family graves, now surrounded by Israeli military base.
"The MAG’s position constitutes an incorrect interpretation of international humanitarian law, and a misapplication of the laws of war."
Adalah's legal, international and media campaign to achieve accountability and justice for violations of international law by Israel in the Gaza Strip.
Speakers urged US lawmakers to raise serious concerns about lack of accountability for human rights violations & war crimes by Israeli military in Gaza.
Al Mezan & Adalah: "Israeli investigation system is fundamentally flawed. The army cannot investigate itself."
With the beginning of the school year 2014/2015, Adalah in Haifa and Al Mezan in Gaza sent a letter on 31 August 2014 demanding that the Israeli Defense Minister, Attorney General, and Chief...
The United Nations Office for Humanitarian Affairs estimates that about 500,000 Palestinian children will not be able to return to school as normal in Gaza as a result of the War.
First incident was the killing of four children while they were playing football on the beach; second incident was the killing of three boys while they were on the roof feeding pigeons.
Suspicions of serious international law violations following attacks on hospitals and medical workers in the Gaza Strip, including bombings against Al-Aqsa hospital, Beit Hanoun hospital, and...
Adalah: Lack of dissemination of information about the detainees, prevention of lawyers’ visits raises serious concerns about rights violations; family members in heightened state of anxiety and...
HRC: Lack of accountability for violations of international law reinforces a culture of impunity, leading to a recurrence of violations and seriously endangering the maintenance of international...
14 organizations call on Human Rights Council to demand end to the war on Gaza, targeting of civilians and civilian property, the blockade, racial incitement and attacks, and to open investigations...
Israeli attacks on Gazan civilians and civilian property gravely violate the rules of engagement as stipulated in international law; serious suspicions raised that military has committed war crimes...
Undersigned organizations urge international community to halt deadly aggression against Palestinian civilians in Gaza, urge UN to initiate fact-finding mission to investigate alleged war crimes...
Israeli bears sole responsibility for its strikes on Gaza, even if Palestinian organizations are operating unlawfully; deliberate attacks against civilians and civilian property are a grave breach...
Adalah: Several incidents constitute violation of principles of the laws of war, including attacks against civilians not involved in hostilities and not discriminating between civilians and...
Organizations concerned that many of the military’s actions in the Occupied Territories do not directly serve the aim of locating and returning the three abducted Israelis and are severely and...
Investigators threatened children with beatings, isolation, torturing their fathers and raping their mothers and sisters; children were denied food for dozens of hours unless they confessed to the...
Attorney Khoury: \"The Facebook post that Munair was arrested and interrogated for is nothing but an expression of a personal opinion against the activities of the people he posted about.\"